The next Girl Scouts cookie flavor to grace your mouth: French toast – CNN

The Girl Scouts of the United States of America on Tuesday
announced that Toast-Yay!, a new flavor, will be added to the 2021 cookie season lineup. The bread-shaped cookies look like miniature slices of French toast topped with icing.
French toast girl scout cookie package
Due to the pandemic, Girl Scouts
began offering consumers the option to buy cookies online through their Girl Scouts Cookie Care or donate cookies to communities in need.

Next year, the youth organization said it will “again embrace their entrepreneurial spirit by selling cookies through online platforms and innovative ‘virtual cookie booths’ on social media (with parental supervision).”

Girl Scout cookie season officially begins in January — so this tantalizing treat is just a tease at this point. But at least 2020 brought some sweet news to look forward to.

As one person
tweeted in reaction to the new cookie flavor, “This is the news we needed in 2020!”

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