Arsenal v Liverpool: 2020 Community Shield – live! – The Guardian

1.44pm EDT13:44

1.39pm EDT13:39

1.36pm EDT13:36

1.32pm EDT13:32

Arsenal win the 2020 Community Shield!

at 1.42pm EDT

1.31pm EDT13:31

1.30pm EDT13:30

1.29pm EDT13:29

1.29pm EDT13:29

1.28pm EDT13:28

at 1.35pm EDT

1.28pm EDT13:28

1.27pm EDT13:27

at 1.32pm EDT

1.26pm EDT13:26

1.26pm EDT13:26

1.25pm EDT13:25

1.21pm EDT13:21

FULL TIME: Arsenal 1-1 Liverpool

1.20pm EDT13:20

1.19pm EDT13:19

1.18pm EDT13:18

1.16pm EDT13:16

1.15pm EDT13:15

at 1.29pm EDT

1.12pm EDT13:12

1.12pm EDT13:12

1.11pm EDT13:11

1.09pm EDT13:09

at 1.18pm EDT

1.07pm EDT13:07

1.05pm EDT13:05

1.03pm EDT13:03

1.02pm EDT13:02

GOAL! Arsenal 1-1 Liverpool (Minamino 73)

at 1.20pm EDT

1.00pm EDT13:00

12.58pm EDT12:58

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