Bills Mailbag: Is it worth looking at a trade for Eagles TE Zach Ertz? – Buffalo News

Bankojw asks: Is it time for Bills to get worried about draft picks A.J. Epenesa and Zack Moss. I heard you had a backward “K” in slow pitch. Say it ain’t so?

Jay: Did you mean to type “hit a dinger?” If so, then yes, that’s so. As for Epenesa and Moss, it’s way too soon to panic. Epenesa did see the field in Week 2, playing more than Darryl Johnson Jr. If he works his way into the rotation as the fourth defensive end this year, that’s fine. I also wouldn’t worry about Moss. He ran with more conviction in Week 2 than he did against the Jets. Health is now the big question, however, as he’s been ruled out against the Rams with a toe injury.

Harry Kozlowski asks: If Zack Moss is out, are we actually going to see T.J. Yeldon play?

Jay: We will see him play, because Moss has been ruled out. I don’t expect a huge drop in production, either. Yeldon is a talented player. He’s stuck in a numbers game, which is why he’s been inactive the first couple of weeks, but the Bills could do much worse for a third running back.

Louis Stromberg asks: Two weeks in, Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs are at the top of the league in yards. Please go ahead and rank the top tops: Tops Friendly Markets, Christopher Walken, “Top Gun,” “America’s Next Top Model,” octopus. Go Bills.

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