Capitals fight back against L jersey memes with a meme of their own – Russian Machine Never Breaks

Last night, the Washington Capitals debuted their new third jerseys against the New York Islanders but fans quickly realized it could bring some unwanted taunting from rival fans.

After first noticing the Capitals’ W-crested alternates, Ottawa Senators fan “The Senagoth” remarked on Twitter that “Lmao I can already see people photoshopping an L on the jersey whenever they lose.”

After Washington pulled out a last-minute 3-2 win over the Islanders, the Capitals saw a meme opportunity and made light of the unfortunate situation using The Senagoth’s tweet.

The screenshots are of Tobey Maguire from the 2002 version of Spiderman after Uncle Ben dies.

Via Know Your Meme:

Peter Parker Crying is a reaction image of Tobey Maguire playing Peter Parker in the 2002 film Spider-man during a scene in which his uncle Ben dies. The image of Maguire crying has been used as a reaction image since the early 2000s and was later added to the exploitable J. Jonah Jameson scene from the same film. In 2019, the image was placed next to an edited version in which Maguire is happily crying which spawned captions over the next year.

The Senagoth took the meme swipe from the Capitals in stride.

The team even sent the fan a heart emoji.

In a tight game against the Isles, Justin Schultz saved the day in true Capitals fashion when he scored the game-winner with less than 30 seconds left.

Even with a win in the bag for the Caps, one fan decided to photoshop an L jersey anyway.

The Capitals are one of four teams not to catch an L in regulation this season and are tied for second in the NHL with 11 standings points.

RMNB Coverage of Caps vs Islanders

Headline photo courtesy of @xavierk414/Twitter screenshot

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