David Ross and Jason Heyward Advise That We Chill Out – bleachernation.com

Do you have it in you to feel positive this evening? Eh, probably not. I don’t.

But do you have it in you to chillllllll a little bit after the Cubs have looked completely hapless for a week, and just lost three in a row to one of the worst teams in the last five years of MLB?

I honestly don’t know if I have that either, given that we’re witness the possibility of a third straight September collapse for the Cubs. But if anyone can offer up me (and you) some chill, it’s David Ross and Jason Heyward.

Take it away, gents, with your best efforts:

… doing anything for you? If they’re not panicking, are you panicking?

Or are you simply having rational thoughts about deep struggles throughout the lineup that will not realistically fix themselves by the start of the postseason in three games?

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