Enhanced Box Score: White Sox 7, Cubs 4 – August 22, 2020 – bleachernation.com

For the second straight night, the White Sox scored every run on a homer, crushed thanks to a terribly located pitch. I’m sure Cubs pitchers are also getting away with SOME mistakes right now, but man, it feels like these White Sox are just ready to obliterate any pitch that misses its spot. Kudos to them, I guess. And special plaudits to Jose Abreu, who has FIVE HOMERS the last two nights.

As for the Cubs’ bats … yikes. Fits and spurts and all that, but so many key bats are slumping (or on the IL) at the same time. There’s just nothing doing. Maybe it’s still very impressive that they scored four runs when it felt like they did nothing at all?

Full box score.

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