Latest report out of B1G about details of canceling season will fire up fans – Saturday Down South

Adam Spencer | 3 hours ago

By now, you’re aware that the Big Ten has announced it will postpone the football season until at least 2021.

There are potential plans regarding winter football and spring football, but nothing is set in stone as of yet. In fact, many in the conference are still upset they’re not playing this fall.

First-year commissioner Kevin Warren has taken a lot of heat publicly, and a new report from is sure to anger many parents, players and fans. Per the report, every B1G AD was in favor of playing this fall, but Warren didn’t present that to the conference presidents and chancellors:

Warren was aware, for example, that every Big Ten athletic director was in favor of playing a fall football season. (Nebraska AD Bill) Moos said he, Ohio State’s, Penn State’s and Michigan’s A.D.s pushed hardest, but there was unanimous agreement, Moos said, in wanting to play.

“He knew where we were coming from, and he was the messenger to the presidents and chancellors,” Moos said.

Moos said there was plenty of confusion due to the way Warren operated:

“I knew where our people stood, but I would have liked to have been in the room when they expressed it to the commissioner and our presidents and chancellors,” Moos said. “The commissioner was operating in silos, and the silos weren’t connected. And, in the end, that created varying degrees of communication not being delivered.”

This isn’t a good look for the Big Ten. We’ll see what happens in the aftermath of this report.

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