More Shaquem Griffin & Other Takeaways From Pete Carrolls Monday Press Conference –

4. Offenses appear to be ahead of defenses early this season.

While the Seahawks’ three wins have been some of the highest scoring games in the league so far this season, it isn’t just them playing shootouts. Scoring is up league wide, and while Carroll admits he’d need more information to know for sure, his guess is that that lack of offseason workouts and preseason games hurt defensive play more than offensive. 

“I really think that overall, just the lack of time working out on the field and missing the offseason and all of that really seems to have affected the defense more so,” he said. “I think also the lack of opportunity to play full speed football in camp, which is a real benefit as you’re developing your game, that being absent, there’s a factor there. So I think the offenses are taking advantage of it a little bit, and they’re just they’ve started faster. In our case, we have not balanced out running and passing as much as we normally do, but it’s because we’ve been so effective throwing the football we’ve gone with it.”

While Carroll likes what he has seen so far from the passing game, he still believes there will be times this season when the Seahawks will need to be more balanced if games, conditions or opposing defenses dictate it. 

“I think you’re going to find in the long term of it, that balanced football is really what is crucial to the success of this game,” Carroll said. “In big-time success and championship success, you’ve got to be able to do everything that’s available to you to get through these games. So far the offenses have been quite out of balance in our games that we’re opposing, and it’s hard to win that way.”

Carroll noted a stat unearthed by 710 ESPN Seattle’s Danny O’Neil that, after Sunday’s game, the Seahawks are no 9-0 under his watch when opposing quarterbacks throw for more than 400 yards. 

“I think somebody had the stat where, when people throw for 400 yards on us, I don’t think they’ve ever beat us,” he said. “(Passing yards) draws a lot of attention and a lot of focus, but it isn’t necessarily winning football, so we’d like to keep that going if that’s the way it goes, we’re OK.”

That being said, Carroll isn’t excusing the big numbers and particularly the big plays his defense has allowed. 

“We do need to catch up though. We have not been nearly as effective on our end of it, and you know maybe other teams feel the same way about that. Dallas gave up some big plays against us as well, so that kind of football, it can be fixed and can be can be adjusted. We certainly have to get that done to do our part. Just in general though, I think the offenses have just started much faster than the defense, and I think it would be attributed to the lack of time in camp.”

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