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After a head to head battle in the playoff series, the Los Angeles Clippers have once again come on top of the Dallas Mavericks. They have taken a 3-2 lead at this crucial stage with a whopping 154-111 win. While for the Mavericks it was one of their worst games, Clippers coach Doc Rivers made it a point to work on all their short-comings from the previous matches. Players like Paul George and Montrezl Harrel are also back on track and bagged 54 points altogether.

However, in a post-game interview, Doc Rivers talks about Paul George and other players fighting some inner demons due to the isolated environment that they have been playing in.

Clippers struggling in the bubble environment

The moderator questioned Rivers, “Paul just said that he was in a pretty dark place these last three games, having trouble adjusting to the environment of no fans. Did you notice that?”

Doc Rivers answered in detail about how everyone has been coping in the Orlando Bubble. “Yeah, this is not a normal environment, okay? I just isn’t. But it’s good. Like the NBA has done a terrific job. But Lou made a great point. You lose a lot of games. The game the other night was tough. Usually you go home to your family, you go home. Here you go back to your rooms and you’re with each other, then you actually see the other teams. It’s just a strange thing, man. I tell you, it’s just different.” explained Rivers.

He narrated some of his bonding sessions with his mentees and said, “I thought our guys were great, though. P.G. and I sat in my room after the game. We just had a long talk, not all about basketball really. Several players did it. Guys were knocking on his door.”

Finally, he also appreciated the team putting in all their blood and sweat into the games despite the situation they’ve been placed in. “This team, we’re growing still. You can see it. We’ve not had the normal time together like most teams. Things like that, they happen. Proud of all our guys, just proud of all the players.” said Rivers.

Can the Mavericks beat the title favorites?

The Mavericks might have a very tough time in the following game 6. Their star player, Luka Doncic was injured accidently by one of the players. Their offense and defense both lagged behind in Game 5 and without their playmaker Luka, it is almost impossible for them to keep themselves alive for the rest of the series.

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