Simms: I Dont Think The Raiders Are All In on Derek Carr Yet –

Former Jon Gruden pupil and current NBC Sports analyst Chris Simms still doesn’t think the Raiders are committed to Derek Carr.

The Raiders are 2-0, Carr has a 114.9 quarterback rating (throwing to two rookie starting receivers), and Jon Gruden is celebrating like a maniac in the locker room… but Simms isn’t buying the hype.

“I’m not sure [the Raiders] are all-in on [Derek Carr] yet… I don’t think they are,” Simms said Tuesday on the Dan Patrick Show. “I think this is a prove-it year for Derek Carr where he’s going to have to continue to play the way he’s played these first two weeks and probably then some.”

Maybe doubting Carr is a prerequisite to working for Mike Florio because there aren’t many other reasonable explanations. Especially right now when it seems like Gruden and Carr have patiently, yet painstakingly, turned the organization around.

It’s the NFL, so just about every quarterback is a bad year away from being replaced, but what other top-10 rated quarterback has talking points like this around him the night after KO’ing a Super Bowl contender?

None of them.

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