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Prior to the A’s 4-3 loss to the Los Angeles Angels on Saturday, the team received a surprise visit from their families … virtually, of course.

The loved ones of the A’s players sent in video messages announcing Saturday’s starting lineup on the video board.

Chris Bassitt’s wife Jessica, daughter Landry and their dog Ansley announced him as the starting pitcher.

It originally was done by the Phoenix Suns, who had family members introduce the starters prior to a game in the NBA bubble in Orlando, Fla. 

“It’s awesome,” Bassitt said after the game. “I think everyone’s kind of missing their families and either they’re at home and they can’t come or they’re here and it’s a little different, so yeah every time you can kind of see your family, and I know everyone kind of had fun with that. 

“They’re all missed … big time,” Bassitt said. 

Marcus Semien’s sons, Isaiah and Joshua, announced their dad in the lineup. A’s manager Bob Melvin was standing next to Semien in the dugout when they were on the video board and Semien’s reaction alone was too cute for words.

“That was great, and I think everybody really appreciated that too,” Melvin said. “It kind of took us by surprise early on, the next thing you know, you’re fixated on it because, a lot of guys aren’t seeing their families this year and especially guys that have kids and so forth, that was really a cool moment, that was well done.”

For Matt Chapman, he was watching his teammates’ names being announced, but he wasn’t sure who was going to be his representation to read his name.  

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“Yeah, that was a cool surprise, I think everybody was a little surprised,” Chapman said. “I was wondering who was going to do mine — most people had their kids or their wives, my parents came on, that was cool. They didn’t tell me that was coming so that was a nice surprise.”

Fans aren’t able to attend games this season which means spectators, in the form of loved ones, also will not be able to watch the guys play from their respected stadiums. This was a really cool moment for all involved. And the fact the A’s were able to keep it a secret was just the cherry on top.

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