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The first round of playoffs between the Milwaukee Bucks and Orlando Magic took a surprising turn. All thanks to their potential MVP, Giannis Antetokounmpo, the Bucks had secured the top seed in the East. While Magic barely made the cut and landed on eighth seed. People were not only rooting for Bucks to reach the finals but also to win it. Last year, they were inches away from winning the title but the Toronto Raptors did not let them succeed.

However, this dream of bringing home the championship after almost 50 years seems to be drawing away.

Brook Lopez bursts out

Surprisingly, Orlando Magic came out very strong in the first half which they maintained till the very end. Nikola Vucevic’s 35-points and 14 rebounds, helped Magic take the win by 122-110. They were looking to pull a major upset over the Bucks in order to avoid their second straight first-round elimination, in which they clearly succeeded.

The frustration that the Bucks’ players were facing became very evident with their actions, especially center Brook Lopez. Lopez did not shoot a single hoop until the very end of the second quarter. All of his attempts to drop from the deep were unsuccessful, which we all know is a huge part of the Bucks’ games.

Brook Lopez took out his disappointment and anger on a couple of chairs on the sidelines which was caught on camera and instantly went viral on Twitter.


Why is there so much pressure on the Bucks?

Imagine a team being the first seed for two consecutive years and not even make it to the finals, let alone win the championship. The Orlando Magic were already at a very big disadvantage because their key players Mo Bamba and Jonathan Isaac were already out for the season. On top of which, point guard Michael Carter-Williams and forward Aaron Gordon were also listed out for the match.

It seemed like a sure-shot win for the Bucks but the Magic have outdone themselves and proven otherwise. Even after a healthy roster and two-time MVP finalist on the team, the Bucks loss was quite humiliating.


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