WATCH: Phillies Bryce Harper pulls off trick play against Nationals – CBS Sports

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It’s always nice to pull off a great play against a former team, even if the player voluntarily left the franchise for what he believed were greener pastures, and he’s over a full season removed from last suiting up for them. Regardless, it surely must have felt good for Bryce Harper to pull off a trick play against the Washington Nationals in Thursday’s game.

Luis Garcia singled to Harper’s area in right field. The Nats player took a couple of steps toward second base, presumably because of the nonchalant nature with which the Phillies star picked up the ball. What Garcia didn’t know is that Harper was engaged in the play the entire time and the instant he saw a modicum of daylight, he launched a throw towards first base, and was able to get the ball to Rhys Hoskins in time to tag Garcia out. 

It’s the kind of play where if a hostile Washington crowd was allowed in attendance, even they would have had to give some credit to their team’s former star for what he pulled off.

Harper played for the Nationals from 2012 until 2018. Prior to the 2019 season, he signed a $330 million, 13-year contract, the largest in baseball history at the time it was signed. That same season, the Nationals won the World Series.

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