Why Draymond Green still has the Warriors on his side – The Athletic

There is no disagreement on how unacceptable
Draymond Green’s actions were at the end of Saturday’s brutal loss at Charlotte, receiving two techs and getting ejected in the final seconds of a close game the Warriors ultimately lost. Not even from Green.

“I’m a completely different person at 25 than I am at 30,” he said after Monday’s practice following the 102-100 loss to the Hornets. “So when I look at the person who I am today, that should never happen. And so, you know, saying that, I can admit my faults and when I’m wrong. And I was wrong.”

But now the people on this journey with Green, with the Warriors, have to decide if his acknowledgment and confession are enough.After all these years, after three championships, after five NBA Finals, after several major blowups, are you done with…

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