Why Mike Florio thinks Trubisky is new QB this season – Comcast SportsNet Chicago

Count Mike Florio as one of the media members who believes Mitch Trubisky is on the right path to playing better than he did in 2019. Florio shared what he saw on Pro Football talk with Chris Simms.

“There’s something different about him now,” Florio said. “There’s confidence. There’s a self-assuredness in the way that he speaks.”

Trubisky has flashed that confidence before, especially in 2018 when he showed the skills and moxie to develop into a legit franchise QB. In his first postseason game, the legend of fourth-quarter Mitch looked to be just unfolding.


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But after taking major steps back the following season, there were serious concerns regarding Trubisky’s ability to start in the NFL. Early this year, however, Trubisky seems to be back on track, even if he isn’t dominating opponents yet.

“I asked him when the moment was in the offseason that he decided that he’s basically going to go for it, that he’s going to go all-in and bet on himself,” Florio said. “He said, in the early days of the pandemic, when free agency opened and the Bears traded for Nick Foles. That was when he self-reflected… on what he wants to be. On what he wants his NFL career to be. On what he wants his career in Chicago to be.


“He became determined at that point to put in the work, to put in the effort, prove to everyone– specifically his teammates and coaches– that he’s the best option… When they didn’t pick up his option, that was just more fuel for the fire.”

Will Trubisky follow in Kyle Fuller’s footsteps and earn a contract extension after the team declined his fifth year option? Time will tell. But for now, the Bears are 2-0, and Trubisky is a big reason why.


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