3 Tricks to Keep You Motivated

Healthy & Happy  

By: Dr. Kim Feinstein, Psy.D., Red Mountain Clinical Psychologist and Behavioral Weight Loss Specialist


1. Positive Self-Talk


Positive self-talk can boost productivity, motivation and confidence! When you speak to yourself in a way that builds up self-esteem, you are able to achieve feelings of renewal and confidence.


How to do it:

Become mindful of the way that you are speaking to yourself. For instance, do you ever think “I can’t do this,” or “this is too hard?”

Once you become aware of the thoughts that are undermining your success, you can begin to look for opportunities to rephrase your negative thoughts into more positive ones, such as “I deserve a lifetime of health,” or “I can tolerate my cravings”.


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2. Goal Visualization


Highly successful athletes & artists have been known to use visualization to help them achieve their ultimate goals. The science behind why visualization works is that imagining, or creating a mental image of success, helps us to improve confidence & resilience. When you have a mental image of your end-goal, you will feel empowered to keep working towards your goal!


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3. The 5 Rs Method


Achieving a large goal can be overwhelming, but the 5 Rs method may help you put your efforts into perspective.



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