Mandel’s Mailbag: Any chance the Big Ten relents under pressure and plays? – The Athletic

The news was so hectic and relentless last week that I couldn’t find a window to write the Mailbag. I did invite Big Ten commissioner Kevin Warren to fill in and answer your questions for me, but unfortunately, he just turned in a blank piece of paper.

Any chance the Big Ten relents with parent letters, petitions, etc., or has that ship sailed? If so, delay the start until October?— Greg K., Cleveland

Although I admire the persistence of the players and parents — no chance the league reverses itself.

If the conference’s task force of medical professionals advised the school presidents it’s unsafe to play, they can’t turn around a week later and suddenly declare it safe to play. Just because a parent supports a letter in August saying they understand and accept the risks doesn’t mean there won’t be hell to pay if the conference lets that parent’s son play against the advice of its own doctors, and he…

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