“The Fastest Guy Weve Ever Had” & Other Observations From The Seventh Practice Of Seahawks Training Camp – Seahawks.com

1. Phillip Dorsett II can fly.

Prior to Thursday practice, Carroll made a pretty strong statement about receiver Phillip Dorsett II, who Seattle signed as a free agent this offseason. 

“He’s the fastest guy we’ve ever had here,” Carroll said. “He runs in the time realms we don’t even think really exist, 4.2s and stuff. In our systems with Russ, the way Russ likes to bomb the football, he’s a big factor for us. We’re just installing stuff in the next couple of days that really accentuate those kinds of plays, and I’m really anxious to see him fit in. Tyler’s been phenomenal at that stuff in the past, and to have the complement with all of that speed on the field at the same time—DK and Tyler and Phillip, it’s pretty dynamic. He’s doing really well. He’s gotten behind (the defense) a couple of times.”

And as he has done throughout camp, Dorsett showed off that speed again on Thursday, but one of the more interesting aspects of that speed that was on display on this day wasn’t so much the ability to get open deep, but rather what his speed, and the threat of it, can do to get him open on intermediate routes. Dorsett, who is competing for the No. 3 receiver spot behind Tyler Lockett and DK Metcalf, did show off his elite straight-line speed at times, but most of his catches on Thursday were of the short and intermediate variety, sometimes resulting from defensive backs giving him a lot of space to respect that speed.

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